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Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Mediate between Clients and Sub Contractors to find workable solutions that appeal to both parties
  2. Create estimates for build-out projects, including labor, supplies, materials and other ancillary costs
  3. Drive cost-effective project management techniques and strategies in the field
  4. Hire and assign construction work to each project
  5. Maintain a daily job site log
  6. Coordinate all construction services and activities
  7. Maintain strict build-out construction schedule and make changes as necessary to ensure deadlines are met
  8. Weekly Reports on Progress of Projects with Pics to be sent thru email to the Project Manager.
  9. Follow all OSHA Requirements.
  10. Must turn in all receipts pertaining to the project.

Qualification & Experience

  1. 2+ years’ experience as Superintendent in construction Industry.
  2. Experience working on smartphones and tablets
  3. CAD experience a plus
  4. Ability to work with numerous contractors and sub-contractors in an efficient manner
  5. College Degree in Construction Can be offset with Experience, Prefer 4 years degree in college.

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